Listen to Me!

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Or rather, hey – you can listen to me getting interviewed about Eight in Three Weeks on KPTZ by Cris Wilson. Personally, I cringe whenever I hear my recorded voice, and my reading sounds stilted, but Cris is a wonderful interviewer (“our own Terry Gross!”, someone said), and I’m grateful to her for inviting me on.

Have a listen here (and go buy a copy of the book – I’ll sign it for you!)


4 responses to “Listen to Me!

  1. Morning Pablo, Loved this, you did such a great job sharing your experiences and thoughts. Very sorry to see your post on the missing tail wheel for the Skyranger, however, very happy to hear you’re OK.



  2. Just picked up my copy at Kepler’s and made sure to ask about at the front desk (making sure the staff is aware of the interest!)

    Such a pleasant, relaxing time —on the couch with a cup of tea reading your very engaging stories- can’t wait!


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    • Hurrah – thank you! Now I need to find an excuse to sign your copy. (Little known perk of being an author: you have implicit permission to write in every copy of your book you can find!)


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