Antarctica – Pics or It Didn’t Happen

I’m finally back at the farm and have managed to sort/sift/fold/spindle/mutilate my collected photos.

Highlights only, here.

If you want all the pictures, here.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be back soon, but in my usual role, working on one of the USAP ships rather than being a pampered passenger. But I’d be lying if I said D and I didn’t have the trip of a lifetime.

8 responses to “Antarctica – Pics or It Didn’t Happen

  1. There are not many of us that enjoy pictures of other people’s vacations, but I looked at every one of yours.
    In 1973, I took so many photos in the BVI of the then still endangered brown pelican that my wife called whatever I got carried away with after that “pelican pictures.” After we went to Antarctica on a much less adventurous cruise than yours, she started calling the genre “penguin pictures.” 😀


  2. Thanks Pablo. I looked at all of them. What an amazing trip! I got so many great photos I just loved looking through them. And the one of the poster of the Penguins, I had no idea how many different kinds of penguins there were. I liked the video you got of the whales and so many others it’s just too many but I loved it and will be looking back at them periodically. There were some great ones of Devon and you and Deven and it was great. Thanks for sharing.



  3. David, I loved your pictures. Just fabulous!!!! Thanks for capturing some shots of us. Looking at the pix brought back some great memories. We both want to go again. I think we have Antarctica fever! So nice to share meals with you guys on the ship. Kathye

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