South Pole International Film Festival – 2011

Each year in January, residents of the South Pole grab video cameras and put together their attempts at capturing the uncapturable: life at the bottom of the planet.

The following represents the collective efforts of Polies for the 2010-2011 season.

  • A SPIFF Odyssey – David Pablo Cohn’s opening short

  • Range – by Mark Krasberg

  • Goodbye – anonymous submission documenting the history (and demise) of “Old Pole”

  • Device – Jon Kaufman’s cryptic tale of life at the Pole

  • McMurdo Fuels – Eli Duke’s “visiting entry” from McMurdo

  • Interview – Nate Hendler’s brilliant quest to interview a reclusive South Pole film maker (not available online at Nate’s request)

  • South Pole Slide Show – Erik Philips and Max Varriale’s slide show of the South Pole, summer of 2010-2011.

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