About Me

I’ve tried to aggregate all my information on these pages. I’ve also got bits of presence at Google+TwitterFacebookMySpace and LinkedIn, but I tend not to use them much, if at all. I think I’ve got an Orkut page too, somewhere.

I do post most of my fiction online via Medium.com at https://medium.com/@cohn; if you want to support my writing, feel free to sign on as a patron via Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/cohn.

Oh – and the “pablo” thing? It’s not my middle name. It’s a standalone (lowercase) nickname I picked up in college. Like “Prince”, “Madonna” or “Stinky”. My real middle name is “Ariel”. Yes, like the little mermaid.

Antarctica! Statistically, you’re here looking for stuff about Antarctica and the South Pole. You find all of that over here. Share and enjoy.

Ego numbers


David Pablo Cohn
email: david.cohn@gmail.com
phone: +1-650-265-0172

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