Why Pablo?

Why do so many people call me “pablo”? It is, as they say, a long story. For an abbreviated version, I refer you to a dusty old online manual page from the University of Washington’s CS Department (for reference, I happily respond to either name, without preference, even more happily if chocolate is involved)


     pablo, david, hey_you - appellation of grad student

     pablo [ stop snoring! ]
           [ where's that paper that was due yesterday? ]

     Tall, stringy grad student seen  wandering  halls  of
     Sieg. Useful for playing games involved with keeping
     aloft a small leather beanbag using feet (size 10.5).

     hackysack(1), pizza(1), tofu(3)

     They're not `bugs', they're undocumented features!
     Currently too numerous to list here.

     Originally called `David' , subject attended high 
     school (Denver, Jefferson) where, due to circumstances
     that are best forgotten, an imaginary calculus student
     named  `Pablo'  was purported to exist. This student
     was assigned responsibility for any anonymous notes,
     cute quotations etc. that  appeared  around school.

     At outset of college education (see `dartmouth'),
     student (the  one  called  `David',  that is) left
     anonymous note on door of Gretchen Sporleder (see
     `lust') signed with moniker `Pablo'  (see  `mistake').
     Aformentioned female opened door as postscript was being
     written and  student  wandered  off, more  than  slightly
     embarrassed. Female, wondering who student was, saw the
     name `Pablo' written on door, asked around to find out
     where student lived.  Student's friends (many of them
     also named David), put one and one together  and  began
     calling hapless student `Pablo'.

     After several years and some hoping that the nickname
     would wear off, student became accustomed to being called
     by Spanish appellation, and found it useful  in  crowded
     rooms  of  Davids and as a conversation piece.

     [withheld to protect the unwary] 7/31/84

Sun Release 4.1     Last change: 31 July 1984               1


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