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In addition to my two “dead tree” books, Eight in Three Weeks and Heller’s Tale, almost all of my short fiction is available for free online at I’ve spent time chasing publishers, and have discovered that I am happier and more productive when I try to focus on writing, instead.

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News: KPTZ Interview with Cris Wilson on Booklovers’ Café

The interview with Cris aired on April 4, 2018, but you can listen to the recording as a podcast on the KPTZ Booklovers’ Café page. We talk about how I ended up in Antarctica, why I started writing fiction, and touch on half a dozen other topics including Liberia, philanthropy and the farm.

News: “Petrichor” Wins 31st Annual Palo Alto Short Story Contest

Yeah, technically, it’s only a hometown newspaper, but this is Palo Alto, so that means something. Oddly, it’s not a Palo Alto story (previous stories I’ve submitted were tuned to have local flavor), but I thought it was a damned fine story and am pleased as punch that the judges agreed.

You can read it here, along with a bit of a profile piece about me that appeared in the Weekly on June 7th, 2017.

Eight in Three Weeks – and Other Early Stories

Eight in Three Weeks CoverNow available from Montemayor Press!

“David Pablo Cohn’s Eight in Three Weeks presents a masterful writer’s debut collection of short stories. By turns understated, harrowing, humorous, and mysterious, these stories reveal Cohn’s capacity for inhabiting and revealing the consciousness of an unusually wide range of characters. Women, men, and children from different cultures, subcultures, professions, and age groups are all vivid and moving as they undertake their quests, undergo their struggles, and reach their epiphanies.”

Advance praise for “Eight in Three Weeks”

“Cohn’s fiction reveals an uncanny expert knowledge of unusual arts—ship building, flying WWII bombers, or how one might ignite an old stick of dynamite—and places many of us can only dream of. Yet the farthest journey we make within these pages is with Cohn’s characters themselves: how they deceive and redeem each other; seek revenge; heal; and forgive but never forget. Wry, irreverent, curious, sad, whip-smart—a terrific read.”
– Sara Houghteling, author of Pictures at an Exhibition

“David Pablo Cohn writes with intelligence, sensitivity and an open heart. I’m thrilled to read his work!”
– Ellen Sussman, New York Times bestselling author

“Cohn’s Antarctic stories reveal keen and compelling insight into life ‘on the ice.’”
– Bill Spindler, South Pole Historian

Heller’s Tale – an Antarctic Novella

hellers_tale_kindle_cover_trimTwo miles up, in the heart of an ice desert a thousand miles wide, it’s now or never. Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is more like a moon base than anything on earth, but buried deep in the ice beneath it is an even more distant and foreboding place. Andrew Heller has been never short on stories of inadvisable adventure, and tonight he has one last chance to come home with the story of a lifetime – or die trying.

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