"Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes…"

If Thoreau was right, then I have plenty to fear. So far, preparation for this trip has netted me two pairs of new shoes, two pairs of dress pants, a blue blazer, and an entirely fresh complement of socks (9 pair) and underwear (6 pair).

Criminy – you’d think I was going all the way around the world or something. Well, actually, I am. That’s the funny thing about this trip. Officially, I (or we, rather) are going to India for 10 days, departing San Francisco tomorrow morning for Mumbai, via Newark at 7:30 a.m. But while Devon will be returning via the same route, I’m staying on for an extra week to get some official work done in our Bangalore office. Then returning via the cheapest route, which happens to be through Bangkok and Taipei. Draw that out on the globe, and you’ll see that I’m about to embark on a genuine around-the-world flight. Woohoo!

Also means that we’re going to spend about 2.5 days total in the air, by the time we’ve both crawled back to California. But that’s plenty of time for blogging, and my trusty laptop is going to be at my side, so stay tuned, eager readers! Er, reader.

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