Sometimes, you’ve just got to breathe, and remind yourself that there are “problems” and there are “inconveniences”.  Cancer is a problem. Getting lost at night in a Denver snowstorm with your windshield iced over is an inconvenience. Not being able to get the wireless on your phone to work? Doesn’t even rate. So breathe in, breathe out, and move on.

I’ve finally made it to my hotel room after a series of, uh, “inconveniences”. My second hotel room, actually. First one hadn’t apparently been touched since its previous occupants had thrown a really wild party in it.  Or been abducted in a violent kidnapping. The only visible blood was on some wadded up Kleenex near the dishevelled bed. And the trash and towels strewn across the bathroom could have just been oversight. But then, my typical standard for a hotel room is pretty much no blood lying around.

In any case, it wasn’t too hard to convince them to get me a different room. Hotels seem to get nervous when you mention finding bloody bits of anything in their rooms. Come to think of it, on the kidnapping front – I didn’t exactly check to see if there was a body anywhere. But this is a corporate hotel.

But moving forward, I’m all checked in, and the wireless seems to be working again. I’m in Colorado for a few days. Check out a couple of old haunts up in Denver, then head south to visit friends Brian and Gretchen in Walsenburg. Hope to have some tales of the travels to share.

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