Late last night..

Arrived. Caught up with the Dixons back in terminal E, boarded and vegged for the entire flight. Watched “Up” on the in-flight system, and stared out the windows.

Came tearing into Quito on time at 9:40 – the field elevation is something like 9500′, meaning the landing speed was…impressive. Then piled out and into the inevitable immigration/baggage/customs line where we waited for, let’s see… two hours. Ready to be done now.

Jorge met us outside with the neatly-printed Cohn/Dixon sign and herded us out through the crowd and into a waiting bus where we are now sprawled on our way to the hotel. Don’t need to be ready until, uh, 8:00 in the morning.

[On the road to/from Antisana today. Photos at]

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