Something about the pole

Some time around midnight (somewhere), I woke and peered out under the shuttered cabin window at the polar night sky. Always hard to see much through the plastic and glass triple panes, but I always have to look. Stars all out of their places; I knew Polaris was out of sight, practically straight overhead, and maybe that was Casseopeia tilted sideways, half below the indistinct horizon. What threw me, though, was the waxing  half moon, standing straight up on edge to the west. Or south, I guess. From here, pretty much everywhere’s south, isn’t it? (Reminded me of when I used to read the weather reports from Amundsen Scott Station at the south pole. Temps were typically around -100, winds in the lower 20’s,  invariably “from the north”. Go figure.)

Anyhow We’ve got a few hours layover in London before hopping on another plane heading due south to Accra. (Near) pole to (near) equator in a day – what an amazing world we live in…

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