More to come…

Not had a moment to rub two brain cells together since I last wrote. Yes, we made it back from Harper. Had a great conversation with our Russian pilot during the refueling stop in Greenville. Alex was new to Liberia – his previous assignments were Somalia, Afghanistan and… he looks furtively around… “We should talk some time later. I have some stories.”

But we got hustled off to the next meeting after landing, and I never got them.

Trying to keep notes. So many stories to tell! Though you’ll have to ask Elliot and Barku for some of them. Maybe I’ll have time to write on the plane tomorrow – leaving Monrovia for Accra (turns out you pronounce  it “Ah-craa“, stress on the second syllable). Should get a little easier there – Ghana’s apparently known as “West Africa for beginners”, so I’m hopeful.

More later!

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