Compare and Contrast

Okay, by now you’re all tired of watching me freak out over the South Pole thing. There’ll be more of that, I assure you, but I’ll take a break from that little reality show for an interlude in the Nevada desert. Yeah, I’m going to Burning Man for a few days. Flying out in the same Citabria I brought a couple of years ago. Instead of camping out at the airport with all my sky-peeps, I’ll be staying at FutureCamp, around 9:30 & Athens, with a bunch of folks from not-Ephemerisle. A bit too close to the center of action/noise for my tastes, but hey I’ll give it a try. Worst come to worst, I’ll pack up and retreat out to the quiet ‘burbs of the airport, where folks tend to go to sleep early, so they can make the most of the early morning flying weather. For me, that’s the real draw – taking people flying out there, giving them a brief glimpse of the world from a new perspective. Wrote about it a bit from last time, if you’re bored enough to read.

So, let’s do the obvious “compare and contrast” exercise:

The Playa The Pole
Location Remote by design Remote by definition
Climate High, dry and hot as hell High, dry and cold as hell
Attire Dress funny because you can Dress funny because you don’t want to freeze to death
Why, again? Uh… Uhh…

There’s a pattern here, right?

Anyhow. Not counting on having any communication with what burners call “The Default World” until I get back on Friday night. But I’m expecting to have my Spot Locator on for at least the trips there and back, so you should be able to track my progress via Ah, fun and games with technology. And, of course, I’ll report back once I’ve got all the dust off.

On another topic: I got a surprising number of comments (offline) on that last post. Both the original, and the slightly uh, redacted version. Honestly, I’m experimenting here.  On top of the adventure and all, going to the South Pole is a huge psych experiment for me, and a big part of that is going to be figuring out how I deal with it. Don’t worry, I’m not planning to go into awful details of well, I don’t know. But I’m deliberately going to try to step away from the polished travelogue side, and veer a bit more on the candid what-the-hell-is-pablo-thinking side. Bear with me?

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