Any time I step away from something I get all teary-eyed. Walking back to my desk from lunch today, I closed my eyes and felt the heat of the sun on my skin, reflected off Building 45, rising up from the concrete through my old Tevas. I’m going to miss this, I thought. So many different parts of this. I’ll be coming back in spring, but not to this building, not to this group. Three years ago I jumped into the fray and found myself tech lead of Labs. It’s been a crazy three years, and the most rewarding thing I’ve done at any company, anywhere. And now this was it – I was walking back to my desk to pack up and leave it behind. The team was gathering at four for a big sendoff, but after that, there was nothing to do but shut down my computer, say my goodbyes and walk out the door. I hate that walking-out-the-door part.

But with that goodbye come new “hello”s.  I’ve been exchanging email with the folks who will be my new teammates down at the Pole – Bill, Ben and Daniel. Bill’s our manager – the only one I’ve actually met in person – but I already feel a sense of kinship building. I like these guys (I guess I’d better – I’m going to be stuck with them on a vast two-mile-thick sheet of ice for the next four months). There’s an adventure out there that’s just starting to rumble, and I’ve been selected to be a part of it.

So, another end, and another beginning. Labs team will live on in the capable hands of Arthur, Mamie and Riku. They’ll have their own crazy adventures before they move on to their own new beginnings and yes, endings, while I’m stumbling through mine. And come spring, I’ll say goodbye to my new team, no doubt with the same bittersweet feelings, then try to figure out what I’m going to do next.

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