The walk home

I do promise to start to post some more photos of the station itself, really.

I’ve been taping video too, trying to get the hang of the new medium. Very different from taking stills. Anyhow, posting is reaaaaaally slow, so I’ve uploaded just a few moments of my daily walk home from the Station to Summer Camp.  Enjoy!


3 responses to “The walk home

  1. Thanks for the video David! It makes it seem so real to see the snow, hear the wind whipping 'round and your narration. I really look forward to your posts and am excited to "sort of" share in your adventure! Charlotte


  2. Wow! It looks cold! Thanks for posting these, the kids and I are enjoying it enormously. We thought it was cold here, but we take that back now… Annie, and Izzy, James, Lily (we should really show Rob too ;-) )


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