Saturday Morning

Saturday morning at 6:00 am – some part of my body tells me that I should be sleeping in. The annoying beep from my watch tells me otherwise. I need to get up. But before I do that, I need to stop the beeping, because my Summer camp neighbors may be night shift folks. Funny – I don’t actually know who my neighbors are, because all we do out here in the Jamesways is come in, go to sleep, get up, and head to Station.

Anyhow. Had a night of fitful dreams: needing to be back in Denver for more training, but stuck helping friends of friends fix a car they’d gotten stuck on the 5th floor of my old college dorm – no, of course it didn’t make any sense; dreams never do. But when my alarm woke me, I was already – or still – exhausted, and not ready for the day’s work ahead.

Once out the door however (dropped my mittens, banged my head and backpack on the corridor, forgot my towel), it was a glorious morning. Hard to tell it was morning, of course, since the sun was just over thataway instead of thisaway. But the wind had died down completely, the endless silent snow glistened, and a half moon hung over the station. Even though the temperature had dropped back to about -39C, without the wind, the walk to station felt lovely.

I am dazed, though. Bill takes me aside and suggests that there’s no shame in stopping by Medical for a few whiffs of oxygen. I’m still considering it, even though I don’t think it’s the altitude getting to me. Once the storm lifted, all the backlogged Herc flights started coming through like the Berlin Airlift, and the station population practically doubled overnight. Most of those people needed help with wireless or printing or… That’s my job – it’s just that getting them all at once was a bit of a shock to the system. So yesterday was rough, and the lack of a good night’s sleep isn’t helping. But tomorrow’s our day off, and with any luck, I’ll have the presence of mind to stay away from the lab.

By the way – some new pictures up at; a few for your browsing pleasure:

NASA DC-8 comes back over – they called us this time and asked if we could have someone out to take a pic
Daniel captures a shot of the DC-8 from the deck above Alpha.

One response to “Saturday Morning

  1. David . . . Bill is right! Oxygen is awesome . . . especially if you are about to get sick or need some good rest. I hope you are feeling better on Sunday. Be gentle with yourself down there. That place is hard on people. Don't get all cowboy on us!And, I'm loving the posts. Thank you for writing them. Take care down there! Beth


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