Guest Post from The Traverse: Whiteout

Remember how I mentioned The Traverse a while back? Well, they’re at the foot of the Leverette glacier now, and have been stuck there for a couple of days. Crazy times out on the glacier. (via Linda McDermott from friend Jordan)

Miles Advanced:  None
Weather:  Whiteout, Wind-chill -27 Below
Location:  Lower Leverette Glacier

  The wind was pounding the Living Module at 3:00am and it was getting serious.  We attempted to hook up our loads around 9:00am but it was no use, we couldn’t even see the first flag which was less than 50ft away.  So we parked and decided to watch a movie.  Which one?  ‘Whiteout’ with Kate Beckensale of course.  Glenn wants me to tell you that he actually drove the Tucker Snowcat from the movie- he’s proud of that.  Some read books, others caught up on their sleep.

With the extra time- Storm made a delicious Mexican dinner and even baked cookies- what a guy!

                                                    Prinoth getting lost

     Galen almost getting blown away in the storm just like the movie ‘Whiteout’

                                          Lounging in the Living Module

previous report: 2010-11-30

 Camp 20
Miles Advanced: 50.1
Weather: Ice Fog, 22 Degrees
  We dropped off 3 snowmobiles and a few hundred gallons of fuel at Camp 20.  Supposedly a plane is going to come grab that stuff and fly it somewhere important- I’m in the dark on this one.
We crossed the ‘Shoals’ without mishap.  Dosinga drove the Prinoth while Terry read the radar.  They did find some crevasses- the biggest one being about three to four feet wide. All of them are about 20ft below the surface which is well within our parameters to cross.

                                      Tractors waiting to move at Camp 20

                The Prinoth with the Ground Penetrating Radar boom attached.

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