Christmas Morning

Remember – it comes a little early here. While you out in the US are busy with final preparations for Christmas eve, we’re already all “Been there, done that” and are opening our Christmas morning presents. Opened up something that Devon had sent with me when I came down to the ice (no, I’m not telling!), and a mysterious little medallion that Linda (my best friend down here, and co-conspirator in our occasional science videos) gave me.

Last night, we all gathered in the gym for a triple feature: first “Moon“, then potato peeling up in the galley, then “Inception“. Watching “Moon” was spooky with recognition of South Pole mannerisms. The protagonist is just a couple of weeks from coming home after a three-year solo stint as a helium miner on the far side of the Moon. He exhibits all the behavioral tics of a bad polar winterover. And the little things of the movie – like the frustrations of balky communication with home (computer: “Satellite link lost. Live feed unavailable…”) and the different manifestations of cabin fever had us all laughing very nervously, looking around at each other. Spooky, and highly recommended to anyone who’s thinking about coming down here.

Anyhow. It’s Christmas Day. In another hour is the fabled Race Around the World – a 2 mile loop. From what I’ve seen/heard of past runnings, it’s sort of the polar equivalent of Bay To Breakers. But with (slightly) less exposed skin. I promise to post pictures.

Then a lazy afternoon, followed by Christmas dinner. For those of you who are pitying us in our canned ex-mil rations, I’ve appended this evening’s menu (you should be able to click through to the full-sized version). Enjoy!  (More later…)

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