"It Has Been 25\x\x 0 Days Since This Station Has Had A Workplace Injury"

Sigh. It’s not a bad one, but my arm’s going to be in a sling for a few days, and I’ve generated a ton of paperwork. Appears at the moment that someone left something where they shouldn’t have, and I just didn’t get out of the way quick enough when gravity took over. Doctor believes it’s just a few strained ligaments, most likely, nothing serious, and is keeping an eye on it. But I’m not going to be playing guitar any time soon, nor helping out on food pulls. And my blog posts might be a bit shorter than usual.

In the meantime, let me point you at blogs of some of my co-workers:

  • The Adventures of Marco Polie – Marco is a fellow Palo Altan, signed up for a year as the station’s overwinter science tech. An excellent, outgoing adventurer who’s become a good friend and inspiration to everyone down here.
  • Life at the Bottom of the World – Michelle’s blog. Michelle does a great job of chronicling life around the station. 
  • Haley’s Blog/Photos – One of my favorite people at Pole, and an amazzzzzing photographer
  • Robert Schwartz’s blog – The Iceman is back for another year. Over the past decade, Robert has spent more time at the Pole than away from it. Robert is also one of the more prolific photographers down here. If you’ve received a postcard from me, it almost assuredly had one of Robert’s photos on it.
And for endless fascinating reading about the Pole in general, I’ve only recently made the acquaintance of OOOAE Bill Spindler, historian and maintainer of SouthPoleStation.com. Prepare to lose yourself in more detail and little-known episodes in the human history of polar habitation than you can imagine.

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