Okay – sorry about that. One of the rules of NaNoWriMo, and the advice of many prominent authors, is to just write, and not worry too much about grammar, continuity – much of anything – until you’re done, and ready to refine and edit. On a blog, there’s an additional rule: make sure you cover that “refine and edit” stage before you hit the “publish” button. Which I clearly failed to do last night.

So yeah, that post was a little disjointed, sorry. So was I, I guess, so I’ll claim that as my excuse.

I hadn’t actually meant to mope online about the purchase falling through. I was going to mention it, of course, but when I popped open my laptop, I had meant to write about what it was like being back in Pittsburgh for the first time after that last “goodbye”. It felt good. The wooded hills of western Pennsylvania, the bridges and rivers. Oh yes, the bridges – if there’s any manifest symbol of this place, it’s the bridges. Magnificent, burly steel structures, no two alike, arcing out into space, spanning the rivers and valleys of Allegheny. Coursing along the back roads on two-lane highways, through bare beechwood forests on a cold clear winter day, coming out into one of these open valleys and rumbling across such a bridge, you remember why you loved this place. It’s a good feeling, and it felt good to be reminded of it.

Anyhow, I’m back now. A bit jet-lagged, and not at all ready for work. I’ve let the ball drop on a couple of things at the office, so the next few days are going to be tough as I play catch-up. But I’ll write again, soon. I promise.

One response to “Oops.

  1. i think there should be another rule: never apologize for your writing. i found that last post interesting and poignant, and if you'd diverted around the plane… well then, i wouldn't know about the plane.


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