A word of clarification…

Sorry – too much in medias res, not enough ab ovo. But I’m an impressionist, you know that – I have to start in the moment. Filling in the details leading up to What’s Really Important is just…well, yeah, it’s important too. Just not as much fun as being in The Moment.

Still, I’ll grant that last week’s post was wanting a little background. Specifically:

  1. Uhhh… Who’s Michelle, and why are you having conversations with her over the breakfast table?
  2. What have the two of you done to Devon?

No cause for alarm. Some compulsive readers identified her as that same Mac-and-Cheese-loving, forklift-driving, fanfic-writing Polie from last year’s adventures at the bottom of the world. She’s crossed paths with Clan Cohn a couple of times since then, most recently staying with us for the past few months after her plan to winterover at McMurdo went sour at the last minute. At this point, she’s effectively a part of the family – a perfect big sister for Miranda (and at 26, closer to M’s age than to mine), but old enough to always vote with the adult bloc when it comes to household disputes involving bedtime or what constitutes appropriate TV.

This, amusingly, isn’t the first time some folks have been confused about the relationship, but trust me –  everyone in the house will be sad to see her go when she heads off to Wyoming for a summer gig at the Bitterroot Ranch. Our only hope of getting her back at summer’s end is if someone can come up with suitable employment for her out here on the peninsula.

So – any takers? [cargo, logistics and inventory tracking systems, proficient in forklifts and skid loaders; three or four time NaNoWriMo novelist and word-ninja with bookstore management experience; expert kidwrangler and all around good company]

One response to “A word of clarification…

  1. Ahaha this is hilarious. Also, I'm honored to be subject of an entire blog post, thank you Pablo! I love that picture of me and Miranda and I will definitely miss all of you so much. (And hey, if anyone can find me a job in the Bay Area, I can also do admin work like a pro. And I can wrangle horses. And endure very cold temperatures with only minimal complaining.)


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