Not caught up

Haven’t even written up the last bits of Albuquerque – so much more to tell. What happens to stories that never get told? I seem to worry about that a lot. And then there are the ones that pile up while you’re still meaning to tell the last one, and they all get stacked in haphazard heaps like last week’s laundry that you meant to put away before…Yeah.
Feeling sort of like that now. Do I write about the Rattlesnake Museum? About walking Old Town in Albuquerque, sucking on the leftovers of Jeremy’s pina colada shaved ice as mariachi music filled the square? About wandering the trinket shops, trying on those comically-large sombreros and perusing walls of hot sauce, each garish bottle proclaiming itself hotter than the next?
Or do I talk about last weekend’s adventure – that was fun, too. Up to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Training Center with Daniel for a day of their Emergency Vehicle Operator Course. Driving police cars through a closed course with retired officers, learning to swerve, spin, skid and recover (“Ya missed one”, said Sgt. Rellar, pointing back to a row of traffic cones I’d wiped out after failing to properly negotiate the high-speed J-turn). Great fun, and learned a helluva lot, too. I’m sure there’s a story to be told there. Maybe even a couple of them. There are pictures, at least, over at if you’re interested in doing it yourself, you can sign up at

2 responses to “Not caught up

  1. Are you working on self-driving cop cars? Also, you have to take the pledge. You can love it here, but you have to say the food is bad, the weather is terrible, and the people are beyond boring. That is required of all NM tourists! Hope to see you and your family next time you are here – maybe jumping out of that 24 mile-high balloon?


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