Whoa – that’s different…

So, I’ve been making do with Blogger and Google Sites for a hecka long time, and when it came time to update some of the layout on http://www.somerandom.com/cohn, I just couldn’t take the pain any longer. A bunch of my friends seemed to like using WordPress, so I decided to give it a try.

Short story is that, going forward, the Roadtrip Blog – and my personal site – are going to be running off of WordPress.

Some administrative things so we can stay in touch:

  1. As I get my act together, I’m probably going to port the somerandom.com address over, but at the moment, it’s all up and running over at http://www.davidpablocohn.com. That’s where new blog posts are going to be showing up.
  2. I’ll try to port the http://roadtrip.somerandom.com url over, too. But again, for now, http://davidpablocohn.com is the safe place to watch. That’s not going to go away.
  3. My email address isn’t going to change: still david.cohn@somerandom.com (or any other address you have for me).
  4. If you’re following the Roadtrip Blog through your RSS feed (heh.), please add https://davidpablocohn.com/feed/ to your subscription
  5. If you’re following the blog via the Google Groups (roadtrip-blog@googlegroups.com): I’m going to try to switch the list over manually. You will probably get email asking you to confirm your subscription to  posts. If you want to keep receiving blog posts when I put them up, please confirm.

I’m still learning the new system, so you may get multiple notices – or none at all – as I work the kinks out, but I believe in the long run, we’ll all be happier. In the meantime, please try poking around the new site; I think you’ll like it. Especially nice is the ability to create filter tags, so if you look under the “Roadtrip” heading, you’ll see sub-categories for posts from/about different places.

Okay – everybody ready? Here we go…

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