Quiet Time

Been kind of quiet lately, yes, I know. Back home, with family, and no real travels on the horizon. Work – my “real” work (to the extent that any of it is real) – is approaching a particular crescendo at the moment, so I’ve not had time for much writing, let alone reflection. There are, of course, all those stories I still need to unpack from Israel – Hebron, Nablus. Munther Fahmi, the Bookseller of the American Colony. The old beggarwoman on the Temple Mount. So many stories that I’ve bookmarked in my mind with a photograph or two. They’re going to have to wait a little.

Speaking of photographs though, most of my pictures from the trip are online now, over on Google+ (just don’t get me started on the “migration” from Picasaweb to Google+, okay?). Some of the pics stand on their own, some just tease you with the promise of a story yet to be told. I’ll tell them when I’ve got a chance, the mindspace to tell them properly. In the meantime, I’m trying to be here, now. Ram Das would approve.

backyard, with scattered California poppies

2 responses to “Quiet Time

    • @Rachel – thanks! I’d never seen that O’Keeffe picture, but I’ve always been drawn to that sort of landscape (skyscape?). To me, it’s a reminder that, when we step back from our on-the-ground view (most of my Jerusalem pictures were taken within about a 3 square mile area), the world is unimaginably large, and filled with unimaginably many different experiences.


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