Watch this space… (or not)

Man, it’s hard to get back up on the horse. You’ll have noticed that I haven’t been writing (please tell me you’ve noticed?)  But when I sat down last night to write up a flight experience I had yesterday, it was hard to kick off the rust – the right words wouldn’t come out of my head and I felt like I was back in Simile School. I’ve rewritten the damned thing twice now, and I’ll probably give it one more try before throwing in the towel or  throwing it up here on the blog. It’ll be all pilot-y, mind you, so folks who don’t care about manifold pressure settings and approach airspeeds are going to have to wait a couple more weeks for any real Roadtrip Travelogue – that’s when I’m heading out to Minnesota and Wisconsin for a long-overdue trip to see colleagues, old friends and muses.

I’d like to have the writing brain a bit more exercised for that trip, though, so I’m going to try and fit in a couple of posts between now and then as literary calisthenics. Okay, not so literary calisthenics. But you know what I mean. Just that I’m going to try writing more, but it’s going to be more of a “Hey, here are my morning pages!” than actual inspired observations on my excursions through this big roadtrip of life we’re all embarked on. ‘k?

4 responses to “Watch this space… (or not)

  1. David, I so know the feeling of being unable to write. I write poems and sometimes they just come to me and at other times I am a blank page. I am glad you are writing again, though, and I am giong to keep up with you. Did I tell you that I used your mom’s article for a prompt one week with my poetry sisters? They loved it. It was a difficult one, but the outcomes were beautiful! Thanks for sharing that with me.
    I am on the way to Black Mountain, North Carolina for a month, s I’ll be blogging, too…


  2. I don’t come here for the fine writing, though that’s pretty neat, too. I come here to see what Pablo’s been up to. You can just tell us what you’ve been up to, and the fine writing might come flying out unbidden.


  3. Hi Pablo, Any chance I could fit into your itinerary for visiting friends a on your swing through Minnesota? Peace, Diana


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