Lorien’s Crazy Day (and “Who Wants to Winter Over?”)

Lorien's Crazy DayThree years ago today I was thinking about how crazy and complicated my life was. I was franticly throwing stuff together as I prepared to head down to the freakin’ South freakin’ Pole. Of the world. To calm myself, I took a few minutes out of my panic to chat with Lorien, who’s typical day makes anyone else’s seem placid. Transcript below:

6:24 PM lorien: boy, chaotic evening tonight. Kids running around. Razor blades and balsa wood (in my hands only, thank goodness)

7:06 PM me: yeek! sounds more chaotic than anything I’ve faced this year.

 Just ran a couple of miles on the indoor treadmill, so I’m feeling in the groove.

lorien: auhhmmmmmm

 or is it ommmmmmmmmm?

7:07 PM me: mmmmmmmmmm.

Cymbre at ER7:19 PM lorien: :-uh oh. ER visit now.

 cymbre scratched her eye.

 I didn’t mention surgery I don’t think.

 sinus stuff. Monday.

 anyway, off to the ER.

 stay tuned for the fascinating story.

 Cymbre hurting, but smiling.

7:20 PM me: ouch! give C a hug from me on the way!

7:36 PM lorien: what a day!

didn’t mention the garage door that was just destroyed!!!

me: how’s C? whhaaaaa?


lorien: smiling

 on the tosd…

me: was this before or after C scratched herself?

7:38 PM the garage door, that is.

7:39 PM I’m going to commemorate Oct 21st as “Lorien’s Crazy Day”. I will celebrate this day at random points on the calendar, when I need to remind myself that my life is remarkably calm.

7:40 PM lorien: ha ha ha!!!

You get the idea. I’ve put it on the calendar, and every Oct 21st, when Lorien’s Crazy Day comes around, I take a moment to reminded what an oasis of calm I live in. (Case in second point – when I emailed Lorien this evening to ask if she could re-send me that picture of Cymbre in the emergency room, she admitted that she’s up late again finishing a ginormous important presentation for tomorrow morning with attendees from all over the world. Send some good vibes her way, will ya?)

Speaking of the Antarctic and people having crazy days, you’ll recall how the USAP decided that they needed to shut the program down for the season because of supply chain whiplash from the government shutdown? Well, the Senate deal was signed the day USAP yanked the plug, and they decided to try to push it back in and reinstate as much of the season as they could. Whoohoo! Except, of course, that they’ve already started sending people home and diverting resources, so the logistics and staffing folks are in the middle of a double whiplash, going both ways at once. Crazy days.

No word on the icebreaker, but because of the whiplash, my friend (and former manager) Bill McAfee has found himself in urgent need of a South Pole Sysadmin. Here are the basic requirements:

  • You have good all-around sysadmin chops, especially good Windows/VMWare skills
  • You are available to pack up and head south, like, right away
  • You are resourceful, mellow, patient, self-reliant, and look good in red
  • You’re prepared to spend one entire year – summer and winter – at the freakin’ South freakin’ Pole (of the World) to earn top shelf bragging rights for the rest of your life.

Interested? Have a look at https://ghg-online.ghg.com/public/jobdesc.jsp?jid=1325 and let me know. I’ll be able to tell you a lot more about what would be involved and introduce you to to folks you’ll need to talk to. Really – top shelf bragging rights for the rest of your life.

And one last thing: as I said, I’m not in a position to complain about crazy days. Not this week. But next week, ummm, did I mention I’m heading out to Liberia? Checking up on some projects Devon and I have been supporting there. Then a few days in Ghana to visit Ashesi University and spend a some time up at Kpong Airfield with the good folks from Medicine on the Move. Got my tickets, visas and shots, but I do need to get started on packing at some point.

Stay tuned!

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