Goin’ up the Country…

Monrovia morningLooking smart in my four-day-old travel khakis, black t-shirt (sink-washed, mostly dry) and inappropriate shoes, I’m getting ready to go offline for a couple of days. Plan is to try to make it to Zwedru tonight. Zwedru is the county capital of Grand Gedeh, a relatively big town by Liberian standards. Google Maps says the drive is seven hours (not counting, heh, traffic) but most of that is dirt road, and it’s the rainy season – we’ll see if my Noah-like travel charm holds up.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, we’ll continue on into Konobo, on the Cote D’Ivoire border, to where Last Mile Health does their work. I’ll continue writing, but am going to be seriously offline, so don’t count on any more updates for a few days, ‘k?

In the meantime, it’s a glorious Liberian morning, albeit way too early. Last night the rain came down so hard I dreamt I really was Noah in the storm. More later, from the road as I can manage!

Monrovia to Zwedru

Where we're going, we don't need roads!

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