Meet Me in Saint Louis


[Edited a bit since first post, which I wrote, um, rather quickly]

The plan for the day was SFO->ORD->PAH, but as they say, the best laid plans… The crew on our SFO->ORD flight have been lovely about the delay. At first, we were holding for “about 20 minutes, very sorry about this” but as the weather deteriorated and traffic (presumably) backed up, that number was extended a couple of times. I guess Rich and I sort of knew what was up when we felt the plane reverse its turn and start climbing away to the south: “Ah, folks, this is the captain speaking. We’re going to head over to St. Louis for a little to pick up some fuel and wait for the weather to clear.”

So we’re on the ground in Saint Louis. Sad thing is that originally, we were looking at driving to Paducah (did I mention that we’re going to Paducah? That’s where the plane is now), which is about a two hour drive west of here. We’d originally looked at flying to St. Louis and renting a car, but since it would be a one-way rental, Hertz and the other fine folks who book cars were asking – ready for this? – $287 per day for the pleasure of doing business with us. That alone was more than the cost of making the flight all the way into Paducah.

But it now looks like the weather has cleared in Chicago, which is good. But it also means that our ORD->PAD flight will be able to depart without us. Ah well, there are worse places to spend the evening than the windy city.


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