New Story: To Say Nothing of the Dog

Rope locker

“Tom, our usual multibeam tech, had broken a leg the week before deployment, falling off a ladder while cleaning his gutters, and the lead Marine Tech landed in quarantine when her little fever turned out to be a lingering case of malaria from that stint in the Gambia. The fact that our new chief scientist conversed with imaginary friends did nothing to settle anyone’s nerves. And all that was before we found out about the dog….”  – To Say Nothing of the Dog 

Yes, it’s a shaggy dog story, in oh so many ways. Sorry I’m a little late for my monthly Patreon post, but I do expect you’ll find this one worth the wait. December’s story is already on deck, and I’ve got another Port Townsend story in the queue to finish up. In the meantime, with apologies to Connie Willis and Jerome K. Jerome , I hope you enjoy

To Say Nothing of the Dog.

(Oh – and as always, please don’t hesitate to hit that little “heart” icon when you get to the bottom of the story on Medium. The more people who recommend it, the more people who get to see it, and the more my fragile writer’s ego gets bolstered.)

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