The Improbability Vortex visits Rothera Station

Blame it on the Pablo improbability vortex: a last-minute invitation ashore by the Brits at Rothera Station for New Year’s Eve tea…and a 5k. Who could say no?

I don’t think there’s any story here. Just photos.

Approaching Rothera Point

The patient welcome wagon

Rothera airstrip – 2950’, NOTAMed for icebergs off departure and approach.

We get to ride in the Tucker! We get to ride in the Tucker!

Susan rocking the glacial look

It’s old, but it works – camping gear in “The Caboose” up on Rothera Glacier

Stick to the flag line on the way down.

Bouncy bouncy.

She’s a fine old gal, our ship is.

Briefing the 5k.

Finish line is midpoint on the runway.


2.5 laps for 5k, 5 laps for 10k

I can’t remember: top button fastened for a 5k, or not?

Team NBP brings the funk. And coconuts.

That’s harder than it looks!

Zoë powers it home.

Roomie Kris Perry and I representing.

2 responses to “The Improbability Vortex visits Rothera Station

  1. Hey! I was just idly googling to see what you were up to these days and lo & behold……you made it to Rothera! It’s a real shame I’m not South this Season – it would have been good to catch up in such an extraordinary place. Hope all’s well with you. Best wishes, Doug


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