They’re Heeeeeere! The trees, that is. So are Logan, Lacey and Shay, who’ve come up from Eugene to put 100(!) chestnut trees in the upper pasture, along with an assortment of apricot, peach and plum down by the house.


Morning starts with 25 cubic yards of alder chips


Blue is not at all sure he likes alder chips; he takes refuge with Lacey


Peaches and pluots and plums, oh my!


Photo op to show that I’m doing more than just standing around taking pictures


Logan demonstrates proper use of “Apricot Rock,” which, in coming years, will lie in the shade of a Montgomery apricot tree


Lacey and Shay looking all farmerly


Alas, poor Yorick, what big teeth you have! Er, had?


2 responses to “Treeees!!!

  1. Have thoroughly enjoyed following your travels and the photos – the farm especially (couldn’t agree with you more that that area of the country is amazing) – thanks much for taking time to do this!

    Looking forward to the Friday night music making-


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