New Story: The Book of Tobit

PIXNIO-301471 copy

“I had half a mind to make up some story. Wondered if it might make this easier. For you, for me. But it seems wrong to lie about things like this.”   —The Book of Tobit

Yes, dear patient readers, it’s been over six months since my last real story. But I’m gonna try to get back on the wagon here.

Warning: this story is a bit…dark.

Also:: I’m trying a new thing with where they curate content and, in theory, pay authors. The idea is that folks without Medium accounts can still read three “free” Medium stories each month, but you can get unlimited reads with a subscription.

So you should be able to read this for free (heck, you can read it three times, if you want!). But please, Please, PLEASE let me know if the Medium “leaky paywall” thing is a hassle for you and I’ll bail on it. I like Medium, and I like the idea of them being able to support their model via curated content. But it’s more important that folks who want to read my stories can do so for free and with minimal hassle. So please let me know if this is any hassle at all.

And in the meantime, I hope you enjoy The Book of Tobit.

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