New Story: Smoke


“Hey — can I ask you for some advice?” The girl stepped out into the streetlight toward me and took a made-for-TV drag off her cigarette.

She’d been nearly camouflaged against the Mermaid’s worn brick, but you learn to make a habit of noticing people if you come down to the waterfront at night. Nuisance? Lurking threat? From the wide eyes, Goodwill jacket and torn denim, I figured her for one of those strays who’d come west following a dream, then woke up cold, hungry and broke one September morning with no way back home. The soup kitchen does a good job of making sure they don’t starve, but there aren’t a lot of good options for a kid on the street in this town once winter comes around…   — Smoke

Yes, yes, I missed November. I’ll plead that I was on a boat. And promise that I’ll have some sort of bonus story in the coming month. But it’s been a while since I’ve killed anyone off in my stories, and it feels somehow unseasonable to do that during the holidays.

This is the story I mentioned I’d been struggling with. It’s short (and, spoiler: nobody dies), but I’d like to think I’ve managed to pack a few different levels into it.

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In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Smoke.

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