The Days Fly By…

Is that five days already? Dang – I barely got started back into my summer reading. Rounded out a short story, got more than a smidge of work done, finished my online flight instructor refresher course – and there are still half a dozen things on the room service menu I haven’t gotten a chance to try yet. They were out of dulce de leche ice cream last night – if they’ve not restocked this morning, I’m out of luck. Maybe I can get a hit of it for breakfast, before we need to check out…

I’m surprised at how many people have been writing to me, worried how I’m taking to my “confinement.” So, I’m not going to pretend I’m Count Rostov or anything, but I just don’t seem constitutionally able to be bored when left to my own devices. I’ve been writing, as I said, but also watching the changes in weather as it sweeps across the city. Only occasionally peeping at illuminated windows across the way: Peloton Lady in her penthouse, and the guy who sleeps at his desk on the south side of the WorKennedy building. Putting a bit into the bank against my own little sleep deficit.

Peloton Lady’s enviable setup

I will admit to watching and/or rewatching a few movies – bits of Jurassic World, and one of the unidentifiable Fast and Furious series. Suicide Squad and I, Tonya – okay, I might have a Margot Robbie thing now. I check in with the rest of the gang by WhatsApp, exchanging photos of our food, or sympathizing about the afternoon’s COVID tests (they definitely did not scratch this far back in our crania on previous nasal probes). Pictures of paper bag forts from the room service remains and winking complaints about our #firstworldproblems.

Gonna need a few more days of room service to finish the fort

But honestly – there’s never been a dull moment. Sure, it’s only five days – I suspect I might get a bit more stir crazy if we had to do the full 14, but I’m not sad that I’m not going to get the chance to find out. If all goes well (there he goes again, tempting the gods), this time tomorrow we’ll be sitting below deck on the NBP, lamenting how good we had it in Santiago. If all doesn’t go well, we’ll be…somewhere else. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Preparing for the Chilean nose swab (not actual size)

(BTW: score on the dulce de leche ice cream for dessert!)

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