We’ve dialed things back a bit since our initial few days of “Vancouver Island’s Greatest Hits” and started working off of personal recommendations, both those of old, trusted friends and random individuals whose dogs we’ve stopped to scritch along the way.

We haven’t been disappointed by either. Our search for a waterfront picnic spot brought us to the culmination of Parkside’s annual sand sculpture competition and festival; also a playground that we would have gladly sold our souls for when the kids were younger. Evening spin of the dial brought beach-ish camping, looking out over the strait. In between there was a groovy little farmers market in the town of Cumberland, where I swear I wanted to stop and have dinner in each and every spot along Main Street, and a bit north, the annual Black Creek Garlic Festival. A couple more waterfalls and beach walks.

I think D and I have both been surprised at how smoothly this particular excursion has gone: enforced close quarters for extended periods, with two people who have gotten comfortable living alone, plus a lot of uncertainty on things that are hot buttons. For example, we seem to be repeatedly pulling into campgrounds that are listed as “full” to ask if, perchance, they might have a spot for the night. Somehow, we have yet to be disappointed on that front, either.

We both keep expecting things to come off the rails, and yet – yes, I am deliberately tempting fate here – they haven’t. It’s almost as if, two kids, four coast-to-coast moves, several careers and 30-odd years as a couple (28 years of marriage as of this coming Sunday, thankyouverymuch), we’ve actually figured out how to work smoothly as a team. Kinda frightening. What’s worse – shhhh, don’t tell the Orca – we’ve started talking about what Devon’s “next generation” camper van should have.

We’re southbound now, hoping to catch the ferry to Horseshoe Bay in the morning, swing by for howdies with a couple of dear friends in Vancouver (the city, not the island). If all goes according to Plan A, we’ll be back at the farm by evening. We’ve not been able to get an actual ferry reservation, so there are also Plans B and C. If you don’t hear from us, assume the best.

But enough with the verbiage; here are a few more pictures from the last couple of days:

5 responses to “Hanginaround

  1. Looks like a great place. Our only visit was just passing through on our way from the Olympic Peninsula to Vancouver.
    You don’t caption your photos and that is okay, but I hope you are labeling them when you store them. When you reach my age and have been traveling for so long, you find it is hard to say just what some of those old ones were.


    • Thank you! And oh gosh – I do wish I had the diligence to label all of those! Fortunately, all the photos were taken with my phone, which stores date and location, so I can trace the travel on a map.


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