Palau, Day One

Quick note here – yes, we’ve made it to Palau, and yes, it’s more than a little breathtaking. We’ve got an hour or so of internet left before we’ll be offline for about a week for that whole “kayaking and snorkeling thing,” so I’m going to be brief: here are some pics.

(Also, there are some AMAZING spiders here, but I know some folks get a bit twitchy about spiders. Email me separately if you want spider pics. EDIT: spider (and scorpion) pics here.)

9 responses to “Palau, Day One

  1. Thanks for sharing your awesome photos!
    Spiders are amazing as long as they don’t touch me.
    No internet for a week.
    It’ll be good for you. 😉


  2. Are you, not, the most amazing lucky person to have these adventures in your life! It’s getting gloomy here in Port Townsend, and when I saw these photos, I was warm and enjoying the sun vicariously through your pictures! LOL! Thank you. Enjoy as much as you possible can!


  3. This is amazing Pablo! Thanks for sharing. I love the photos, as usual. Have tons of fun. Hi to Devon. Spiders do creep me out and I want to see them and everything else you photograph that is for public consumption.

    Stay well and enjoy. Harmony



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