Pittsburgh->Palo Alto, October 2002

This page is intended to serve as a sort of travelogue of the process of me getting our trusty Commonwealth Skyranger from here (Pittsburgh) to there (Palo Alto). I’ll be adding to it as time/weather/bandwidth permit. If you think you might be somewhere along my route, and would like me to stop by, or if you know of a must-see stop somewhere between where I am now and where I hope to end up, drop me a line at “david.cohnREMOVETHIS@somerandom.com” (removing, of course, the “REMOVETHIS” part of the address).


15 Oct 2002: Day Zero – AGC -> VTA

16 Oct 2002: Day One – stuck at VTA

17 Oct 2002: Day Two – VTA ->MKC

18 Oct 2002: Day Three – MKC ->4V1

20 Oct 2002: Day Four – 4V1 ->GYR

21 Oct 2002: Day Five – GYR -> PAO

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