Ballad of Jenny Yancy

Copyright Doc Pablo, 1997

[a capella chanty, barbershop style]

Yancy was a sailor's girl and Yancy she was free
I loved Jenny Yancy, Lord, and Yancy she loved me
She promised me tomorrow morn' would be our wedding day
The night before a ship pulled in and slipped that girl away

   Oh my Yancy (darling girl) why did you go? (I love you so)
   A truer heart you'll never find
   Oh my Yancy (darling girl) how could I know? (How could I know)
   You'd steal away and steal my heart and leave the rest behind

I first met Jenny Yancy on the docks one summer day
She was playing poker with the boys, and boy she made 'em pay
I sidled up and kissed her cheek, it must've been a shock ('cause)
She broke my arm and broke my jaw, then threw me off the dock

    Repeat chorus

Oh Yancy is as beautiful as beautiful can come
The sailors say she likes 'em big and say she likes 'em dumb
The secret of our love I'll tell, if you won't call me rash (it's that)
Jenny Yancy likes 'em best when they've got lots of cash

    Repeat chorus

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