Dream a Little Dream

Copyright 1997 Doc Pablo

My attempt at a "Tangled up in Blue" theme. I usually
start it up with a slow "Dream a Little Dream of Me"
guitar riff in C, then drop into the first verse at a run

C                  C/B
Tell you 'bout someone I know
Am                C/G
Met her 'bout ten years ago
F             G                    C     G
Back when she was my best friend's girl
C                C/B
Took her out to Chinatown,
Am                                  C/G
Tried to pick her up 'cause she was feeling down
F             G                  C
Then followed halfway 'round the world

Spending time in the great north wood
Thought California dreamin' could
Help me get on my feet again
But that was back before I knew
The kinda changes she'd put me through
Some say that story never ends

F                         C
I told her life had been amazing
F                           C
She told me life had been a blur
F                                 C       C/B     Am
But if it helped me find a way to keep on keeping on
F              G                       C
I could always dream a little dream of her

Did my time in the frozen east
'fore I headed west to some peace
Or 'least some decent peace of mind
Didn't know how far I'd go
'Till I ended up in Tokyo
looking for ways out of that bind

Nights I drank and days I slept
Her letters were the thing that kept
my world from turning upside down
Y'see, once a week she'd drop a line
Say "the weather's here, and I'm doing fine;
if you get lonely, just come around"

I told her once about the road I traveled on
She said she'd meet me halfway there
So every day I drag my world another mile along
Then go to sleep and dream a little dream of her

Thought my rambling days were done,
When I washed ashore in Washington
Was way past time to settle down
By then a couple years had gone
I looked her up, but she'd moved on
Got tired of my runaround

That was pretty near the end
I'd lost the girl, I'd lost my friends
Lost near everything worth living for
'Bout to catch an outbound freight but
Just my luck, was running late:
Guess who came knocking on my door

She told me once that she was crazy
I told her once I didn't care
Now every night I wrap that woman in my loving arms
Then go to sleep and dream a little dream of her

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