Friday Harbor Waltz

Copyright Doc Pablo, Seattle, spring 1990

For Devon, of course!

G          C          G            D
Woke up in love today with a young woman
      G            C          G           D
Who's five hundred miles away as the wind blows
G          C           G         D
Met by the waterfront one summer Saturday
G             C               D          G
She kissed me then and there, five years ago

        C      G       C            D	
        Friday Harbor, watching the ships come in
        C      G         C            D	
        Friday Harbor is etched in my mind
        C      G       C            D	
        Friday Harbor, guess I'm in love again
             C           G             D         G	
        But if she still loves me then I'm doing fine

Soft as the summer sun shines on her auburn hair
Warm as the smile that she gave me so free
But wild as the driving rain, eyes like a hurricane
Who'd ever guess it, that she'd wait for me?

        Friday Harbor, walking along the beach
        Friday Harbor, one step at a time
        Friday Harbor, love's keeping out of reach
        But if she still loves me then I'm doing fine

        Friday Harbor, feels like a fantasy
        Friday Harbor, I'm towing the line
        Friday Harbor, don't know what she sees in me
        But long as she loves me, well, I'm doing fine

She said "let's wait and see just what July will bring"
"Love that comes quick don't mean love that holds strong"
So through these winter months, until the summer comes
I'll dream of her and keep singing this song (about)

        Friday Harbor, postcards and memories
        Friday Harbor, she's one of a kind
        Friday Harbor, she'll be mine one of these
        days in the islands and we'll do just fine
        We'll be together and we'll do just fine (I said)
        Now and forever... and we'll do just fine.

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