Girl on the TV

[Written with Joel Ebel, a fellow engineer, for the “Sum of Google” diversity fair on June 3rd, 2010. In honor of all the folks in, and elsewhere in the company who are busting their butts to make the world a better place. Low quality video of the one and only public performance over at]

[A...E...D... repeat until bored]

Girl on the TV is covered in dust – she wonders where the water’s gone
Walked seven miles, but the pump has gone bust – and baby’s barely hanging on
Man with mic don’t look surprised – don’t look like he’s even there
But from 10,000 miles I can see her eyes
And I know we’ve got a world to care

Some of me, some of you,
Well, there must be something that we can do
Some of me, some of you,
We’ve got the power - in our hands
If we make our mind to making it [E D]
If we take the time to taking it [E  D]
The sum of us all can pull them through [E D - tacet - A]

Boy on the TV is covered in mud – he wonders where his mama’s gone
He was asleep when the big wave came – and now he might be all alone
Man with the mic just shake his head – and says there’s nothing we can do
But I’ve got some time, and you’ve got a plan
And we’ve got a different point of view

2nd cho: “There’s always something we can do....”

[bridge, to chords of verse]
Well there’s Meryl down in Mountain View, Masako in Japan,
And in Washington there’s Alan keeping it out of the fan

Divon’s off in Tel Aviv, just working through the night
And Estelle is in West Africa, she’s keeping on the lights

Dmitri up in Moscow, and Jenny in Beijing
Then there’s Bani out in Bangalore not missing anything

We’ve got Danny up in Dublin, and Bruno in Brazil
Victoria’s in Sydney, and she’s working on it [still/Some of me...]

3rd chorus: “There’s always something we can do/The sum of us all can see them through”

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