Goin’ up the Hudson

Copyright Doc Pablo, northbound, autumn 1988

For Mary. This was the first song I ever managed to write
intentionally – decided to write a song about my drive from Yorktown
Heights NY up to Burlington VT, and by the time I got there, it was
done. Still one of my favorite songs.

G                                C
Take the scent of autumn for the dreams to fill your head
    G                              D
The whippoorwills for company, and leaves to make your bed,
  G                            C
I set out Friday morning and I sing a first refrain:
        G                                 D          G
Oh, I'm going up the Hudson, 'cause she's waiting on Champlain

D                            C              G
Thank the lucky traveler who first wandered there
D                                   C     D
Let your eyes drink in the world around
D                           C             D
Take another helping of that sweet autumn air
Bm                            C      D
Hold a note and listen to the sound

Take the wind in autumn for a tempo at your back,
The snow goose as your compass holds you to a steady tack,
I've got one hundred miles behind me, but there's still two hundred 'twain,
And I'm going up the Hudson, 'cause she's waiting on Champlain

Mark the time you pass along the back country way
As pastures turn from green to gold to brown
The hound dog at the gas pump lives to just pass the day
And the old folks look to see who's come to town

Take the road in autumn, run it like a country mare,
I know she's waiting up for me, and soon as I am there
I'll put my troubles by the wayside 'till it's time to leave again,
And I'm going up the Hudson, 'cause she's waiting on Champlain

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