That Night

That night?

We drank in the deep goblets of conversation,
Swirling them
And, thirsty for the bottom of each bottle
  threw our heads back

Until we were Drunk,
Intoxicated by the newness of it all
And tripped over unfinished thoughts
Falling into eager, tangled conversation

That left us breathless and spent,
Ideas strewn about the room
Like the cast-off clothes of young lovers
Lying in knotted sheets wondering,
  What just happened there

Next time?
Let’s try this:

May we enjoy the wisdom of our bodies’ age
  in words too
Gently feeling for the spaces in between
  and resting there
Each time, for a breath
  of silent appreciation
Or two.

Funny, isn’t it?
How these tired bones know
That the less time is left
The more one should spend on
Each moment

[a reflection on Hafiz’s “Today“, exploring thoughts, rather than the physical world]

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