I’ve realized that, when you start doing things your brain isn’t used to, like levitating desks or speaking French, you’ve got ease into it slowly. Waking this morning after yesterday’s immersion, I just wanted to hide in my room and mess with email on my laptop. I did force myself out of doors for another run around Bois de Boulogne, but then showered and went back into hiding. Came out for lunch (Martine’s ratatouille, roast chicken, salad, and some yummy Brillat Savarin to go with the baguette), chatted (mostly listened, actually) for an hour or so, then went back into hiding.
Finally ready to come out for real around 6 p.m. Everyone else was busy with errands or a late afternoon nap, so I was on my own. Decided to take on Paris again for a short exploration, but on my own terms this time. Yesterday I was dressed to blend with the crowd – somewhat. I didn’t have the psychic energy for that today. Rather, I didn’t want to project the psychic energy for that. Instead, I threw on what D calls my “summer uniform”: Land’s End shorts and a random nerd t-shirt (my fluorescent green “SciFoo” T in this case). If I’d brought my Teva sandals, I would worn them, but had to make do with my running shoes.
Knapsack over my shoulder, out I went, the classic American Who Doesn’t Fit In. I refrained from talking loudly and pointing at people, but the clothes were enough to achieve the desired effect. An hour of wandering shops around Port de Muette and Rue Mozart left me feeling centered and refreshed enough to behave “properly” again. And I do need to behave properly again. Dinner party tonight, where I fear I’m going to be presented as “that nephew we’ve heard so much about.” Sois sage, David, sois sage.

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