A Few Handy Links

Okay, I’ve now spent something like three days not obsessing about the Pole. That’s probably enough for now – don’t want to overdo it.
Since it seems I’m going to be spending a fair amount of time writing about, and thinking about writing about being down at the Pole, I’ve started trying to get a bit organized with all the information. So far I’ve got these links set up:

  • http://roadtrip.somerandom.com – this blog. Updated irregularly, but where I have been tending to put my travel and exploration-related musings.
  • http://somerandom.com/cohn/pablo-at-the-pole – landing page and FAQ for what/why/when.
  • http://bit.ly/pablo-questions – newly-created Google Moderator page. I figure I’m not the only person with questions about the pole, so I’d love to collect other peoples’ questions and see if I can find answers for them. They may be mundane (“How do the toilets work down there?”), scientific (“Which way does a compass point at the Pole?”) or Mythbuster-esque (“Can it get cold enough to shatter marshmallows down there?”). I’d love to get questions from both kids and adults, and I’m happy to try experiments that don’t involve unobtainable equipment or personal peril (no, I will not see if my tongue sticks to the metal sphere on ceremonial South Pole. I’m sure someone has already tried that. Go ask the internets.)

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