“Polar exploration is at once the cleanest and most isolated way of having a bad time which has yet been devised.” -Apsley Cherry-Girard, “The Worst Journey in The World“, 1921

The Pole has gotten substantially less isolated since Cherry-Girard stumbled back to civilization as one of the survivors of the Scott expedition in 1902. We nominally have ~7 hours of internet coverage per day, with flights in almost daily during the summer. Everything I’ve read suggests that you’re fed well there  – hot breakfast, lunch, dinner and “midrats” (midnight rations) served by a dedicated kitchen crew that prides itself on its work. And folks who live in the El (Elevated Station) never have to go outside and face the cold. Positively civilized.

As low man on the Pole, I’ll be living in what’s euphemistically called “Summer Camp”, a set of heated, insulated Jamesways that appear to be somewhere between a quonset hut and army tent in terms of structural integrity. Have a look at Doug Cowen’s blog for examples of where I’ll be living.

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