Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Zach pointed out that I’ve gotten in the habit of only posting somewhat monolithic little narratives – complete thoughts – to the blog. Probably not going to have the chance to do much of that in the coming couple of weeks, but I would like to try sending updates whenever I can. I think I’ve now set up the blog so that I can email things to a magic address and they’ll automatically get posted – trying that our here. If I’ve gotten it right, I ought to be able to send along little mini-posts whenever I’ve got access to a signal.

Surprisingly, I feel like I’m all packed. Half a small duffle and my ever-present knapsack seem to do the trick. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that there’s so little stuff – it’s not like I’ll be dressing for royalty; you don’t need much more than cargo pants and a handful of t-shirts (yeah, and hat, sunglasses, bug juice and toothbrush) for four days in the bush. Tack on two nice shirts (seersucker) and a clean pair of trousers for the travel days surrounding the actual deployment, and you’re all set.
Anyhow – in the spirit of mini-updates, lemme hit “send” on this rather than rambling on until I’ve come to the end of something that feels like a “complete thought”; more as it happens!

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