A Manly Roadtrip

Jeremy and Da

The kids have a five (5!) day weekend this week, so naturally, the Cohns are scattering to the far corners of the country. Or at least doing their damnedest to. Miranda was supposed to be off in New York with a friend and her mother, gallivanting about with shows and shops. Except, of course that New York is apparently “closed on account of weather”. Shows, shops, street traffic and, of course, airlines. So Miss M is stewing at home for another day, consoling herself with the internet until JFK opens for business as usual tomorrow.

Miranda’s misadventure notwithstanding, the “boy” side of Clan Cohn is heading to Colorado in an effort to give Devon the Valentine’s Day gift she most desires: four days all by herself at home (I’m not kidding – she turned down an invitation to go to Hawaii with girlfriends and hang out eating chocolate for this).

But yeah – Jem and I are eastbound this morning to spend the long weekend kicking around Walsenburg and environs with Brian, Gretchen and the Orr boys. Yes that’s four teenage boys, two middle-aged I-won’t-grow-up high school buddies and Gretchen under one roof for a long weekend. Your reaction should be one or both of

1) That poor woman!

2) What could possibly go wrong?

That second question is not a rhetorical one, but Gretch is made of sterner stuff than most, as you know. I think it’ll be fun.


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