New Story: Wenatchee, Last July


“The funny thing was that her real name wasn’t even Kate. I was trying to recall how it all fit together, but I think Kate turned out to have been the name of her daughter. I remembered the look on the officer’s face when he showed me the picture and I called her Kate; made me shudder a little.…”

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People keep asking, since flying is such an important part of my life, why don’t I ever write any stories about flying? Here, I guess, is my first attempt. Of course, it’s not really about flying, is it? Have a read and lemme know what you think.

As always, don’t be shy about hitting that little heart-shaped “favorite” button at the bottom of the page once you’re done. The more people who “favorite” it, the more it’ll show up in other peoples’ feeds and uh…, something that ends up with rainbows and unicorns, I think.

Also: patient readers will remember that last month I made mention of an Antarctic novella. Good news and bad news there: the good news is that it’s done. It’s called Hush, and I really like how it turned out.

The bad news is that I really like how it turned out.

I’m waiting for feedback from some friends inside the US Antarctic Program who will help me try to nuance anything that could cause trouble for the program. It’s a work of fiction, of course, but as you know, even works of fiction can still cause plenty trouble. And I don’t want to cause trouble for the program.

But once I’ve done my nuancing, I’m going to succumb to that screaming little toddler ego in my head and submit it a couple of places to see if any traditional venues would be interested in publishing it.

However: Patreon supporters are special. Regardless of what happens with traditional publishers, all my Patreon supporters will receive a free behind-the-scenes PDF draft copy of Hush for their personal consumption as soon as it’s ready.

Just saying, you know. It’s not too late to sign up

In the meantime, please enjoy Wenatchee, Last July!

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