Heller’s Tale – now on Amazon.com!

Hey all – many many thanks for your patience as I work my way through all the jumbled writing (and non-writing) projects I’ve been juggling these past few months. I’ve got another short story on deck for my monthly posting for Patreon supports, and I’ll be heading up to the Port Townsend Writers Conference next week to try and jumpstart the next draft of That Damned Novel.

But in the meantime, I’ve got another project to push out the door.

You’ll remember that part of the previous draft of the novel was a novella-ectomy, in which I extracted a 35,000 word novella out of the larger story. Some of you have already read a draft of the novella, Heller‘s TaleWell, I put a couple of weeks in on figuring out stuff like KDP and CreateSpace, and am now pleased to announce that Heller‘s Tale is available in both Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.com.

It just went up yesterday and wow – I’ve already sold four (4!  IV! څلور! လေး! төрт!) copies. I’m kind of excited. Of course, I’d love it if you saw fit to buy a commemorative paperback yourself, but would be more than happy to comp a copy to any of my devoted Patreon supporters. Just let me know?

I guess what I’d really like, after you’ve had a chance to read or re-read the story, is for you to consider

  1. hopping over to that page on Amazon and writing an (honest) review.
  2. telling your friends (Facebook or otherwise) about this awesome little adventure you’ve read.


Now: back to That Damned Novel. Or the farm. Or Antarctica. Like I said, I’ve got way too many projects going on…




One response to “Heller’s Tale – now on Amazon.com!

  1. Now five!

    Exciting! You exchange stories for money, that’s it, it’s the real deal! Happy to join the fan club.

    It’s great that you Do Cool Things. We should all be doing it, but often we get sidetracked by Stuff, like work and that kind of thing. So I’m happy to hear that you, succesfully, are Doing Cool Things. :)


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