It’s a Book! It’s a Book!

IMG_20170518_070729Okay, let me re-use a paragraph from almost exactly a year ago:

By now you should know pretty reliably that when the blog goes quiet for this long, either I’m having a really boring, uneventful time, or life has gotten unusually crazy. Right? And (yes, I already hear you snickering), you also know that I seem to be constitutionally incapable of having a boring uneventful time.

That time, I was breaking the news that Devon and I had bought the farm. I mean, literally bought the farm, as you know.

But the blog has been quiet for a while, hasn’t it?

This time, it’s something substantially less earth-shattering: It’s a book. But it’s my book. A book of my collected short stories, to appear next month from Montemayor Press. It’s a book. My book. Mine, mine, mine. I’m kinda psyched.

Now, before you get all falling-over-yourselves excited, understand that it’s a collection of stories that I’ve already posted, one at a time, via Patreon and my pages. So if you’re a long-time Roadtrip Blog reader or Patreon subscriber, there’s nothing new. Except that it’s all now in one place. As a book. My book, in fact. Have I mentioned that I’m a bit psyched about this?

Like, it’s a real book, with a Library of Congress entry and an actual publisher.

Okay, details: we’re not expecting to ship until June 1, but you can order now from Montemayor Press here (hint, hint…). If you use Goodreads (and you should), you can also find it here, and add it to your “Want to Read” list to help me spread the word.

Yes, of course I’ll be trying to set up some readings, both around Palo Alto and up in Port Townsend. What’s the point of writing anything if you don’t get to have readings? (I’m joking, you know that, right? Sort of. But yeah, there’ll be readings.)

And of course, I’m going to be making puppy dog eyes at all the book buyers for all the local bookstores, trying to get them to carry copies.

Anyhow, more later. For now: It’s a book. Enormous thanks are due to Marilyn Levy, my editor, and Ed Myers, the head of Montemayor Press, for their patience with me as we went through iteration after iteration. And I promise, patient Patreon subscribers, that I’ll get back on the wagon and start posting new stories right away.

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